Elite residential complex club-type «Gogolivska, 47» is situated in the historic center of the capital of Ukraine. It combines the cozy atmosphere of ancient Kyiv and modern technological advances urban development.


Website «Gogolivska, 47»

The main page of the site is designed as a landing page. With the help of interactive and multimedia effects are presented basic information about the benefits of a residential complex.


The website has 2 language versions, the modules planning, gallery, interactive maps, communication with vendors and more qualitatively distinguishes the site from the competition.

To demonstrate planning 15 floors and 16 apartments of typical planning module was created. Users have the opportunity to watch the apartment layouts, assign view, download and print the pdf-plans and much more.


It is worth noting reasonableness and convenience planning module. Visitors are always in front of the eyes of all the apartments and floors. Access to information on planning is carried out in 1-2 clicks.





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June 2015



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